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About Rebecca Rhew, Esq.

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Rebecca Rhew is more than just an experienced litigation attorney; she's a dedicated advocate with a genuine passion for guiding clients through life's toughest challenges. Rebecca's journey to becoming a trusted legal professional began with her outstanding academic achievements. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Nova Southeastern Law School, she ranked in the top 7% of her class, a testament to her exceptional intellect and dedication to her craft.

Beyond her academic success, Rebecca is deeply committed to giving back to her alma mater and the legal community as a whole. As an active alumni member and volunteer, she generously shares her knowledge and insights, often invited to speak and mentor new law students, inspiring the next generation of legal professionals to excel.

Outside the legal field, Rebecca's life is rich and fulfilling. As a devoted mother of two boys, she understands the importance of balance and resilience. Her role as a parent not only fuels her drive to protect families in her legal practice but also provides her with a profound understanding of the personal challenges her clients may face.

Beyond her legal career and family life, Rebecca is a true enthusiast. A dedicated fitness enthusiast, she embraces an active lifestyle that complements her professional focus on perseverance and discipline. And when it's time to disconnect and recharge, you'll often find Rebecca immersed in nature, indulging in her love for camping adventures with her two sons. It's this multifaceted approach to life that sets Rebecca apart, infusing her legal practice with empathy, integrity, and a genuine understanding of the human experience.

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